Prospective Students

I am looking for Honours, Masters and PhD students with a background in HCI to work on research into social, mobile or wearable technologies to support healthy living. I am currently working on projects on rehabiliation after a stroke and healthy sleep.

Before you contact me, please do your homework:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the PhD scholarships available, eligibility criteria, and the application process at QUT
  2. Learn about my research by reading through the proposed topics and some of my recent publications
  3. Prepare the following documents: (i) a brief research proposal, (ii) a CV and (iii) a transcript of your academic results

Currently Enrolled Students

  • Deepti Aggarwal (PhD) “Supporting teleconsultation through tangible interfaces”, co-supervised with Frank Vetere
  • Riga Anggarendra (MPhil) “Designing for engagement in nature”, co-supervised with Margot Brereton
  • Andrew Azaabanye Bayor (PhD) “Supporting participation in social media by young adults  with intellectual disability”, co-supervised with Margot Brereton and Laurianne Sitbon
  • Filip Bircanin (PhD) “The role of technology in the life of young adults with intellectual disability and their families in the transition to adulthood”, co-supervised with Margot Brereton and Laurianne Sitbon
  • Alexander Kan (PhD) “Understanding the user experience of mixed reality stories for running”, co-supervised with Martin Gibbs
  • Diego Munoz (PhD) “Designing technologies for parents and their adult children”, co-supervised with Margot Brereton
  • Jeremy Opie (PhD, QUT) “Human-robot interfaces for arthroscopic knee surgery”, co-supervised with Jonathan Roberts, Margot Brereton, Anjali Jaiprakash
  • Nikki Peever (PhD) “Fostering wellbeing amongst sports fans through mobile health applications” , co-supervised with Daniel Johnson and Kellie Vella
  • Cara Wilson (PhD) “Enhancing communication and wellbeing through co-design of mobile apps with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities”, co-supervised with Margot Brereton and Laurianne Sitbon

Graduated Students

  • Tristan Beven (Master of Information Systems, 2016) “HandLog: Investigating Deformation through Finger Flexion as a Continuous Input”
  • Gerardo Luis Dimaguila (Master of Information Technology, 2015) “Kinect-based stroke rehabilitation in the home environment”, now PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne
  • Wanyu Liu (Master of Information Systems, 2015) “Sleeping with technology: challenges and opportunities for sleep tracking”, now PhD candidate at Télécom ParisTech.
  • Hayley Maree Rickett (Master of Information Technology, 2015) “Wearable interventions for hand rehabilitation after stroke”, now Senior IT Consultant at IBM
  • Lyndsey Fisk (Master of Information Systems, 2014) “The impact of explicit and implicit interactions in video mediated collaboration”, now UX Consultant at Deloitte Digital
  • Bernard de la Coeur (Master of Information Systems, 2014) “’Sorry, I was miles away’: Use of spatialised audio to support Microcoordination”
  • Lars Lichon, Umachanger Brinthaparan, Nirojan Srikandarajah, and Stephan Rasmussen (team of visiting MSc students from Aalborg University, DK, 2013) “Smoking cessation support via mobile phone applications”
  • Mark Whooley (Master of Information Systems, 2013) “Integrating personal self-tracking data”, now UX Designer at Nintex