Prospective Students

I am looking for Honours, Masters and PhD students with a background in HCI to work on research into social, mobile or wearable technologies to support healthy living.

Before you contact me, please do your homework:

  1. Learn about my research by reading through the proposed research topics and some of my recent publications
  2. Familiarise yourself with the PhD scholarships available, eligibility criteria, and the application process at QUT
  3. Prepare the following documents: (i) a brief research proposal, (ii) a CV and (iii) a transcript of your academic results

Currently Enrolled Students

  • Tara Capel (PhD) “Designing for making and storytelling for women”, co-supervised with Margot Brereton
  • Anna Kalma (PhD) “Understanding the role of technologies in engaging older adults in crafting activities”, co-supervised with Laurianne Sitbon and Margot Brereton
  • Chimi Om (PhD) “Digital technology for children’s nature engagement”, co-supervised with Margot Brereton
  • Lori Ouyang (PhD) “Designing conversational agents for music education with young children”, co-supervised with Peta Wyeth
  • Shannon Rodgers (PhD) “HCI in the garden: designing technologies to connect older adults through nature observations”, co-supervised with Margot Brereton, and Kellie Vella
  • Dang Khoa Tran (PhD) “Tangible, Embedded and Embodied interactions (TEIs) for Intergenerational Active Play”, co-supervised with Thea Blackler, Nicole Vickery
  • Razan U’wais (MPhil)  “Digital technologies for physical activity for young children”, co-supervised with Nicole Vickery and Stewart Trost
  • Yuehao Wang (PhD) “Framing and Enabling Children’s Active Play using Novel Technology”, co-supervised with Thea Blackler, Nicole Vickery and Peta Wyeth

Graduated Students