Bernd PlodererI am a Senior Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction for Healthy Living at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). My research contributes to the areas of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Health Informatics. I investigate how technology can support healthy living, particularly through personal health data and through technology-mediated interactions with peers and health professionals. I combine qualitative research and co-design techniques to study health practices, create technology prototypes, and evaluate the impact of new technologies.

I conducted research in various digital health contexts, including bodybuilding, quitting smoking, healthy sleep habits, and rehabilitation after a stroke. Currently, I am involved in the following projects:

  • MyFootCare: empowering people with a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) in their self-care through mobile visual analytics (supported by The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation)
  • Ambient Nature Network: designing technologies to connect people to and through nature (supported by ARC DP190101647)
  • I want to Move it, Move it: exploring children’s active play through tangible and embodied interfaces (supported by ARC DP200100723)
  • Understanding and Treating Videogame Addiction in Young People (supported by NHMRC)

Student research opportunities: I am  seeking highly-motivated students to work with me on the above projects.